Obtain Marriage Contracts Instantly Via Text Message

You Can Now Obtain Marriage Contracts Instantly Via Text Message

Couples can receive marriage contracts immediately after the ceremony is complete and the officiant digitally authenticates it.

Nowadays, getting your marriage contract has become a lot easier and quicker. You can now obtain it online without any hassle. Once you complete the process, your ceremony will be officially approved and digitally stamped. All your marital agreements will be sent directly to your phone via text message and other digital content.

According to the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD), this innovative step will see the bride and groom receive their contracts as soon as the officiant ends the ceremony and digitally validates the marriage.

The amazing new approach from the ADJD is revolutionizing the marriage landscape by making it incredibly simple for couples to get married in Abu Dhabi. It’s essentially an upgrade for couples who want to take their relationship official.

As per the Emirates News Agency (WAM), Counselor Yousef Saeed Al Abri, Undersecretary of ADJD, commended the department for its commitment to excellence in the judicial and notarial sectors of Abu Dhabi. This is in line with Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s vision to improve Abu Dhabi’s judicial framework internationally.

The ADJD has processed about 7,000 digital marriage contracts since October 2022, automating every step of the procedure, including video conference virtual sessions.

With UAE Pass for submissions, the ADJD website provides a digital marriage contract service that streamlines the application procedure.

If you’re looking to get married in Abu Dhabi, you can now do it digitally! Here’s how the process works:

1. Fill out a marriage application online by accessing the service on the ADJD’s website using your UAE Pass.

2. Once your application is approved, you can finalize the procedures online. You can choose between an in-person ceremony or a video-call marriage session.

3. Book your appointment for the marriage session.

4. Once the session is completed, you will receive a digital contract promptly.

5. The finalized contracts can be shared through official channels using a digital signature.

By doing away with traditional paper documents, the platform offers flexible scheduling, officiant availability, automated medical examination results, and digital contract authenticity. The ADJD’s marriage platform is user-friendly and offers flexibility in scheduling. You can check the availability of officiants and automated medical examination results. All documents are digitally authenticated and come with a unique contract number, eliminating the need for traditional paper documentation.